Welcome to My World!

Thread painting is a recognized form of art rapidly gaining popularity. It is expressed through fabric, fibers and quilting skills employing a free-motion application of thread using a sewing machine. From a blend of various embellishment techniques, beautiful works of art are created.

As my style evolved and my thread painting passion grew, my work won awards both locally and nationwide. I began teaching classes and discovered I’d frequently encounter students who lacked the confidence to try their hand. While teaching in different venues, my favorite bit of advice is to say, “Yes, you can do this!” and it always proves to be true. Once they get involved, students love this form of expression, and I enjoy watching them master the skills to advance on their own.

Allow me to show you how thread painting works! Feel free to visit my galleries or other areas. To inquire about classes or any information on this site, please use my contact links.

I always love talking with other fiber artist from around the world. If you are one of those, feel free to contact me just to talk or ask questions about our art interests. I look forward to hearing from you.